Vita Axel Lischke


birthday: 24.02.1975
birthplace: Halle/Saale (Sachsen-Anhalt)
home country: Germany
contact: axel at

education & studies

  • 1990 – 1994 Gymnasium “Carl von Ossietzky”, Berlin-Pankow (Abitur)
  • classical singing lessons and youth-theatre (Volksbühne, Berlin)
  • 1995 Set-internship at Opal-Film GmbH, Berlin and second assistant to director at Polyphon Film GmbH, Berlin
  • 1999 beginning to study “Kulturarbeit/ cultural management” at the university of applied science in Potsdam and dramaturgy and history of film at HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam ( &
  • 2000 first travel to Brasil, presentation to Goethe-Institute in Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, after return – language class of Portuguese at ICBRA, Berlin
  • 2001/02 seven monthly internship at Goethe-Institute, Rio de Janeiro during the artproject “Culture of the Favela”, fellowship by Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (nowadays inwent GmbH),
  • after return to Germany ongoing specialisation in inter-cultural project-management,. University-project “conception of a European Dance-festival” (participation of UK, Netherlands, Germany)
  • 2003/04 Graduation of the studies “Kulturarbeit” FH-Potsdam and “Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen - Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam

practical experiences

  • 1995 – 1997 technical assistant for documentaries at German TV: ZDF-Berlin, singer in a rock-band
  • since 1997 freelancer in sound technics and assistant to camera at ZDF-Berlin, ZDF-Mainz and others, also private TV-productions (
  • 2000 assistant to director Nele Muenchmeyer for ZDF-documentary “Tastenfieber” (pianocompetition “Clara Schumann”, Düsseldorf)
  • 2001 working for ZDF-TV-documentary about the music festival „Stimmen/Voices/Vozes“ in Lörrach as assistant to director and sound technician (
  • 2002 installing the work of photo-artist Michael Wesely at exhibition „Retalhar 2002“ by the Brazilian fashion-association “CoopaRoca”, SESC-Belenzinho, São Paulo, Brazil (
  • 2003 participation at project “Ersatzstadt - City of Coop” Volksbühne, Berlin at department of organisation and guest hosting (Brazil, Argentina)
  • April – Juli 2004 working at World Culture Forum / Fórum Cultural Mundial, São Paulo, Brazil - international Communication und Coordination of the global convention (
  • February – September 2005 office-coordination and assistant to paintress Xenia Hausner (
  • Oktober 2005 – April 2006 executive producer of dance-theatre "Drible" by Aloisio Avaz (Info on "Drible")
  • June – July 2006 local producer for marketing campaign Marca Brasil
  • August - Dezember 2006 coordination of the Global Convention at Fórum Cultural Mundial 2006 , Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (24th - 30th of November 2006)
  • January/February 2007 filming in India about the Schleswig-Holstein Mission, visit at Jeypore-Church in Orissa
  • Oktober 2007 finishing of documentary “Von Breklum nach Jeypore – die Schleswig Holsteinische Mission in Indien” (30min.) for Nordelbisches Missionszentrum (NMZ) Hamburg
  • February/March 2008 filming in India for the documentary “Nurse-Ma – A life among the Adivasi” (author and director)
  • 2008-2011 finishing of documentary “Nurse-Ma – A life among the Adivasi” (55min), Premiere May 22nd at cinema Metropolis, Hamburg followed by several other screenings
  • 2010 soundtechnician at SWR-Studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil f.e. documentary-feature „Über die Anden bis ans Ende der Welt“ (45min/90min) screened in ARD Television on 31.12.2010 and 3sat on 09.04.2011
  • 2009-2011 soundtechnician at ZDF-Sommerinterviews (Stereo production)
  • Nowadays freelancer as assistant to sound and camera for German TV ZDF-Berlin and freelancing film-maker and arts-manager


Download the complete work: “Weltmusik – ein kulturelles Phänomen in den Massenmedien”
Diplomtheses 2004, German PDF-File (ca. 600 KB)

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